The purpose of this short video was to serve as a teaser video to draw attention to the program with the hopes of motivating and encouraging both parents and kids to join the Junior Indians Football League.
Editing Process
I edited this project in Adobe Premiere Pro. I wanted to integrate a few dynamic transitions, so I used some speed ramping techniques and some masking techniques for a few scenes, so that as it goes from one shot to the other, it appears seamless.
I also wanted to add some 16mm frame effects and film burns throughout the video to spice up the visuals, and make it a bit gritty as well; just to add another layer of cool factor to the edit - which I think marries nicely to the music.
Color Grade
I stayed within Adobe Premiere Pro for the color grade. This was a short, low budget project so I didn't spend too much time honing in on the grade. However, two cameras were used during filming. So, I had to make proper adjustments to white balance, exposure, and color differences. For the grade, to save time - I chose a filmic LUT that felt right, and placed it on top of everything after I got it all color corrected. 
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