About Me
I am a freelance motion designer and videographer with a passion and obsession for creativity. I provide an array of design, motion graphics, and videography needs. I love to help people and brands communicate their message through visuals. I have 13+ years of professional experience working with high profile clients, and people of all walks of life. 
I lived in Chicago for 8 years working with high profile athletes and college athletic programs before I decided to leave and go freelance on my own. I've never looked back. Many of the clients and relationships I built, I still have and continue to work with today. 
Outside of work, I'm a proud father of my daughter Arra, and my son Zion. I'm incredibly grateful for my kids, and my partner in crime - Charity. Without her, I would be half a man; she is constantly helping me become a better person. She allows me to sacrifice the time I put into work and follow my creative passions while she maintains our household and takes care of all of us! Without the love and support of my family, I wouldn't have as much creative drive, passion, or motivation. And, I pour all of that energy into every project I work on for people.
I would love to hear how I can help you or your business! Lets make it happen!